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OS MasterMap® Sites Layer


    OS MasterMap Sites provides a nationally consistent representation of polygon features that represent the area or extent of certain types of function or activity. They are a representation of what people see in the real world, where the common view of something (such as a school) is not the address, the main building or the cartographic label, but is the site as a whole.

    What it is not!

    Functional sites are created from the core topographic areas on the basis of the function of the site and not ownership, and should therefore not be confused with the legal extent which is held by Land Registry®.

    Functional site polygons

    A functional site is a polygon representing the area, or extent, of certain types of function or activity, with appropriate attribution and access points. All the content of OS MasterMap Topography Layer has a function or purpose, and this data is intended to enhance its analytical functionality.

    The hole in the polygon is for the Horns Drove Community Pre School which is not part of the School functional site

    Functional site access points

    Access points refer to the accepted/maintained locations where pedestrians and/or vehicles can enter or leave a site.

    Functional site routing point:

    Routing points provide a reference to a position on an OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network™ (ITN) RoadLink feature and are created where there is no viable ITN RoadNode feature to refer to.